Sketch W Friends

Sketch W Friends is the only cross-platform, multiplayer Pictionary game where you get to pit your wits against your friends & the world at large. Realtime Pictionary where you draw & others guess instantly, so you don’t have to wait for hours for your turn! Packed with fun drawing tools & a huge word list, this game is bound to get your adrenaline pumping as you wrack your brains to sketch & guess before your time runs out!

They say "A picture is worth a thousand words". Are you one of those people who can conjure up a picture for just about any word? Then it's time for you to "Sketch W Friends!"

Sketch W Friends is a multiplayer game of Pictionary which brings out the creative genius, word-lover & the inner child in you!

Doodle Away!

Sketch W Friends brings a fresh twist to the good old game of Pictionary. It is a realtime, multiplayer game where your artistic, creative and vocabulary skills are put to the ultimate test. With a variety of gaming zones, you get to pit your wits against your friends & the world at large. You can draw something while others guess what you sketch and vice-versa. All you need to do is call upon your wits and your doodling skills and it’s game on! And if your gaming skills are a little rusty, you could sharpen them against our friendly Doodle.

Nail-biting Action!

With a bunch of fun and super cool drawing tools, the experience of Pictionary has been taken to a whole new level. Sketch W Friends is packed with an extensive list of words, which is bound to make you wrack your brains! Now, you can also “ban” players who indulge in foul play and spoil the fun for the rest of you!

The more you play, the better you get at your drawing and guessing! Surprise and astound your opponents with talents you never knew you had! Guess and Sketch the right word before the clock stops ticking..tick tock tick tock!

Sketch with Friends & Family!

Wanna play with just your best buddies or your cool cousins? Just create a Private Room and challenge your Facebook friends to a battle of Pictionary! Let’s draw something with friends today!

Get your name up on that Leaderboard!

Login through Facebook and keep score of your game and of the other players on the leaderboard! What’s a game without a little competition, right?

Truly Cross-Platform

What's truly unique about Sketch W Friends is that it can be played across different platforms like iPhone, iPad, Android Tablets, Android Mobiles, Kindle Fire, BlackBerry PlayBook, Facebook and on Google Chrome! Pretty cool, don’t you think? So what are you waiting for? Sketch with friends whenever and wherever you like! Let's sketch & guess!

If you have ever played iSketch on your browser, you will love this. Don't miss out on the fun! Join the conversation on Facebook for all the latest news, fun activities, contests and surprise giveaways! Like Us on Facebook!

Reviews and Feedbacks


It's fast paced, it's challenging, and it's a whole lot of fun! It's super addicting and worth every penny.


Smooth real time play, cross platform, fast paced action makes this the best game on the PlayBook.
Amazing fun playing this game. It's in realtime, so it's much more fun. Simple, to the point and oodles of fun. Afraid I might get addicted to this one. Great job guys, you make some other big gaming companies look novice!
This is an amazing concept and a wonderful game. Love to sketch challenging words. It's very exciting! I love word games and this is one of the most exciting yet.
This is my favorite game! It's mentally stimulating and fast paced. Its fun to see other people's imaginations take form. Keep up the great work XLabz!
So much fun with this game!!! Honestly, I can play it for hours, it's the best Pictionary game so far!!