Who Got Brains?

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Who Got Brains is a mind training game designed to keep your brain cells sharp and active. Take on a series of fast-paced brain benders that test your Analytical, Memory, Visual and Math skills! Your scores in each of these key areas will add up to an overall rating- your Brain Power! Compare your Brain Power with friends and challenge them to beat your score.

Did you know that your brain generates 10 to 23 watts of power while you're awake? That's enough energy to turn on a light bulb! Curious to find out your Brain Power, take up this brain trainer & IQ test? Then get ready to test your brain with this IQ test: Who Got Brains!

Who Got Brains is an IQ test designed to test your brain in 4 key areas: Analytical, Memory, Math and Visual. It takes you through a series of mini-games, puzzles & brain teasers which will have you racing against the clock to complete them! So you get to play a bunch of fun brain games & puzzles and keep your brain sharp and active at the same time!

Brain game Features

  • A series of rapid-fire brain games that test your cognitive abilities. Challenge and stimulate your brain with a variety of brain games, brain teasers & puzzles in 4 key categories: Analytical, Memory, Math & Visual.
  • The scores from each category are summed up to give you an overall rating- your Brain Power!
  • Login with Facebook to see your rank on the local and global Leaderboards. Compare your Brain Power with friends and see where you stand amongst them.
  • Invite your Facebook friends to play this brain game & challenge them to beat your score!
  • Share your best achievements on Who Got Brains via Facebook & Twitter.
And hey! If you're not too happy with your scores, just keep playing! The more you play Who Got Brains; the higher you score on the puzzles, the higher your Brain Power becomes. Nothing like a brain training game to keep your brain charged, yeah?

Not just that, brain games are proven to keep diseases like Alzheimer's at bay. So keep your brain fit and strong with Who Got Brains. So, all set to take this brain trainer? And find out who has the biggest brain among your buddies? Play this IQ test now and get your daily dose of Brain Power!!

Fans of Who Has The Biggest Brain?, Brain Challenge, Dr Kawashima's Brain Training and the like, will love this one!

Reviews and Feedbacks

Wonderful brain game with trademark awesome graphics. Love the challenge and lots of variety of options in each category. Very beautifully made, so much fun to play it. Really tests your skills.
This is a fun app that keeps your cognitive skills working! It's fun to try to out-perform yourself, and each game is only 60 seconds long. Anyone can find 4 minutes in their day to play!
It's a fun game and keeps the grown ups and the kids engaged. My kids love trying to out score one another. Fun for everyone.
Great little Brain Game. Challenging and looks great. Great value.
Love the variety and the increase in difficulty as you complete a level.
Best app ever , the way I do things is really improving.
This is my favorite Playbook game.